Butterick Fraggle Doll Patterns

This is divided into two sections. The first section contains all of the patterns for the dolls. These images are to scale. Click on the links to display the images, and then click the print button on your browser. Take note that some of the patterns have multiple images because they are too large to fit on a single piece of printer paper. You will have to tape the pieces of paper together to get the whole pattern.

1a, 1b - 2a, 2b - 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7a, 7b - 8a, 8b - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15a, 15b - 16 - 17a, 17b - 18a, 18b, 18c, 18d - 19 - 20a, 20b - 21a, 21b, 21c, 21d - 22 - 23a, 23b

The second section is the instructions.

Butterick is copyright Butterick Co. Inc.

Fraggle Rock is copyright The Jim Henson Company.

A number of user requests for the patterns talked me into doing this. I don't see any harm in the release of these patterns as they are no longer being sold and it can't possibly take away from the profit of the company.

The patterns are provided as is and there is no support for any technical problems that may arise from the use of these files. I assume no responsibility or liability for thread knots, wasted felt, or fingers pricked by sewing needles! ;-)


- Chris, The 6th Fraggle

These patterns were digitized from...

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